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Security Operations Supervisor (SOS)

Business Unit:  International Security Services
Career Area:  International

Kabul, Afghanistan, AF

GardaWorld International Protective Services is the international security division of GardaWorld Security Corporation, the world's largest privately owned security company. Our services include static security, consulting, threat monitoring and reporting, crisis response, logistical support, mobile security, close protection, training and risk management.


Our corporate vision is to be the recognized global leader in providing comprehensive security, crisis response and risk management services in high-risk and complex environments delivered at a world-class level by the best quality personnel in the industry. Our mission is to protect and support our clients, securing their place in a complex world by consistently delivering quality services and value, while growing our business.


GardaWorld now seeks applications from suitably qualified and experienced Consultants for a Security Operations Supervisor (SOS)


Closing date for applications: 1st Feb 2019


Please ensure the minimum hiring criteria is met before applying. 


Only online applications will be considered, direct approaches via email or phone will not be accepted and may result in your application being disregarded.




Security Operations Supervisor (SOS)

Job Type

Contractor, GW Consulting Middle East Limited


EU Delegation



Est. Start Date

1st March 2019 (subject to further confirmation/successful induction/visa processing)

Duration of Task

Open Ended


GardaWorld offers a competitive daily rate (Contractor will only be paid whilst on-duty – no payment made for Off-duty)

*subject to local tax (if applicable)

Leave Rotation

8 weeks on, 4 weeks off, subject to operational requirements

Travel Pay

Contractors are not entitled to pay while travelling.  The first day of pay is the day of arrival in the country of operations. The last day of pay is the day of departure from the country of operations.

Visa Requirements

The Company will apply for Letters of Invitation on behalf of the Contractor; visa costs incurred by the Contractor shall be reimbursed.


GardaWorld will provide the Independent Contractor with appropriate accommodation, insurance, flights and life support while on duty.

Flight Package

GardaWorld will provide an economy class return ticket per rotation to the project location from a hub airport as close as reasonably practicable to the Contractor’s declared home address.

The Contractor will be asked to declare their preferences for a primary, secondary and tertiary hub airport from the GardaWorld hub list at the commencement of their engagement. Where possible and commercially acceptable, GardaWorld will look to book travel to and from one of the preferred hubs.

The Contractor will be responsible for any travel arrangements between the hub airport and their home address.

Further information can be found in the GardaWorld Contractor Travel SOI, copy will be provided upon acceptance.

Hiring Criteria

Only candidates that meet and are able to demonstrate the below hiring criteria’s will be considered:


  • Thorough  knowledge  of  the  country's  security  environment  with  recent  experience  in Afghanistan and preferably in Kabul;
  • Experience in overseeing a guard force of at least 50  people proven by a minimum of 5 years'   experience   in   a   similar   international   position   in   a   country   with   a   volatile environment,  preferably  with  Diplomatic  Missions  or  Representations  of  International Organisations, attested by reference letters from current and/or former employers;
  • Military/police  experience,  minimum  rank  of  minimum  rank  of  NATO  rank  OR8  and above or equivalent is required;
  • Proven knowledge of radio equipment and radio operational procedures;
  • English  according  to,  at  least,  level   B2   as   defined   in   the   standards   available   at;
  • Fully IT-literate in Word and Excel;
  • Valid EU driving licence categories C, C1 Certified as B6 trained;
  • Must be a citizen of an EU member state;
  • Qualified in basic fire-fighting, to be proven through relevant certificates. Qualified and able to deliver training in basic firefighting drills;
  • Professional   career   record   in   conducting   Training   Needs   Assessments,   developing bespoke training programmes and delivering training programmes. They should possess an EU MS Training accreditation;
  • Qualified as an Armourer in all weapons types used by the Contractor;
  • Experience in weapons instructor is essential;
  • Ideally  experienced  in  working  both  with  static  guard  forces  and  close  protection resources;
  • Excellent knowledge of first aid and trauma (e.g. qualified to first person on the scene FPOS  and/  or  International  Trauma  life  support  ITLS)  to  be  proven  through  relevant certificates;
  • Note:  The  member  of  staff  occupying  this  post  must  hold  a  valid  personal  security clearance or receive a valid personal security clearance within the first nine months after deployment.


Job Duties

The SOS will manage the daily operations in all of its functions which will include but will not be limited to the below duties


  • Responsible for the operational management of the static security guarding components of the security guard force;
  • Ensures that all static guard posts are manned efficiently and completely in accordance with the provisions of the contract. Ensures that static guard components of the security guard force are fully briefed in their duties and responsibilities and kept abreast of the latest developments locally;
  • Takes   overall   responsibility   and   management   of   the   access   points   (vehicle   and pedestrian) to the Delegation compound, ensuring standard operating procedures are in place and followed correctly to thereby provide the optimum security posture available within resources;
  • Implements and manages the reporting system within the static guard force component;
  • Ensures the training and coaching of the guard force, in accordance with the provisions of the contract and local legal requirements;
  • Conducts an inspection of all posts on a regular basis;
  • Reports  to  the  International  Security  Manager  for  operational  matters  and  contract  and administrative issues for his area of responsibility;
  • Responsible  for  the  administration  of  the  static  security  guarding  components  of  the security guard force;
  • Ensure  timely  and  accurate  reporting  of  security  incidents  and  maintenance  of  the incident logbook;
  • Overseeing  the  organisation  and  recording  of  training  of  the  static  security  guard components   in   accordance   with   the   provisions   of   the   contract   and   local   legal requirements;
  • He/She ensures that all the static guard equipment and its inventory is complete, is up to date and well maintained;
  • In  conjunction  with  the  ISM,  designs,  implements  and  rehearses  Standard  Operating
  • Procedures and Contingency Plans for the static guard force;
  • Supports   the   ISM   in   the   delivery   of   non-operational   supervision   of   the   contract (administrative  matters,  including  those  of  personnel,  equipment,  and  reporting),  under the direction or in conjunction with the Contracting Authority's designated security staff;
  • Responsible  for  overseeing  and  maintaining  the  training  standards  of  the  Contractor's security staff deployed in the Delegation, in accordance with the legal requirements of the EU Delegation and the host nation;
  • Qualified  to  instruct,  assess  and  qualify  staff  in  all  security  guard  force  weapons (including  dry  and  live  firing  drills),   fire  safety  drills  and  radio  training  for  the  guard force;
  • Under the oversight of the Contracting Authority's designated security staff, support thee EU Delegation with fire safety drills and procedures;
  • Ensure timely and accurate recording and reporting of training conducted together with standards achieved;
  • In  conjunction  with  the  Close  Protection  Supervisor  (CPS)  and  under  the  overall supervision of the International Security Manager (ISM), provide training for the Close Protection   personnel   and   Local   Close   Protection   Drivers   in   accordance   with   the provisions of the contract and local legal requirements;
  • In  conjunction  with  the  CPS  and  under  the  overall  supervision  of  the  International Security Manager (ISM), provide training for staff of the static guard force in accordance with the provisions of the contract and local legal requirements;
  • In conjunction with the ISM, and the company's security management team, collate all SOPs and Contingency Plans and ensures that their contents are understood and rehearsed by  the  various  elements  of  the  guard  force.  Maintain  a  record  of  the  training  and rehearsals conducted;


For further information about GardaWorld please follow link:

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by GardaWorld to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.


Any deployment to any region in which GardaWorld operates carries a degree of risk, for more information please go to where you can obtain the latest analysis, information and threat assessment.

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